Botament Shower Trays

Attractive design, high-performance functionality and flexible, bespoke fitting!

Botament Shower Trays have a built-in gradient, are level with the floor and are therefore barrier-free. Here beautiful design meets powerful functionality, meets installation that can be customised to suit bespoke designs!

*in accordance with ETAG 022
Ready-made with integrated gradient; ready to be tiled immediately
Fast and simple installation
Light in weight and easy to handle
Mould resistant
Available in many different sizes
Dimensionally stable
Especially robust and durable surface structure
Flexible fitting - can be customised to suit site conditions
Floor-level, walk-in shower tray
Accessible to wheelchair users
Dub C Long
Botament DUB O

Shower component with decentralised point drainage

Dub C
Botament DUB C

Shower component with centralised point drainage

Botament LD I

Shower component with linear drainage and fully integrated drainage technology

Botament LD

Shower component with linear drainage made from stainless steel with reversible stainless steel channel

Point drainage before Point drainage after
technical superior coating showertrays

Botament Shower Trays
floor-level shower trays for any room layout


Botament Shower Tray Surface Coating

  • Functionality and safety are vital when it comes to floor-level shower systems.
  • Botament Shower Trays have been specially designed for heavily frequented wetrooms. They are one of the most reliable and most innovative products available today.
  • Botament’s coatings are cutting edge technology and are the basis for creating convenient and reliable wetroom systems. The devil lies in the coating detail!