Raised Platforms and Round Shapes

Let your imagination run wild and create bespoke pedestal solutions for your bathtub using our building boards and flex-boards.
Raised platforms and round shapes before Raised platforms and round shapes after
  • For raised platforms building boards with a minimum thickness of at least 30 mm should be used. The studs of the substructure shouldn’t be further than 30 cm apart.
  • Butt joints on the raised platform must always be supported by struts.
  • To fix the reinforcement mesh Botament® GS 12 to butt joints and corners use Botament’s tile adhesive Botament® M 21 Classic.
Botament BP Building Board
Botament® FP Flexboard
Botament GS 12 Joint Reinforcement Mesh
Botament M 21 Classic Flexible Superior Adhesive