Building Shelves and Recesses

Create your very own wellness oasis making use of our unique design choices.
Shelves and recesses before Shelves and recesses after
  • When building shelves you may either use two angle units of Botament® RK or one RK-U unit.
  • Shelves that are to home heavier loads may require an additional support structure.
  • For the waterproofing use the single component Sealant Slurry Botament® MD 1 Speed together with the Sealant Tape & Accessories system Botament® SB 78
  • Apply the reinforcement tape Botament® GS 12 to joints and corners and bond into place using the tile adhesive Botament® M 21 Classic.
Botament BP Building Board
Botament® RK Angle Unit Pipe Cladding
Botament M 21 Classic Flexible Superior Adhesive