Innovative Product Solutions

or designing, renovating and refurbishing wetrooms.

We offer the complete, superior quality package for all your wet space and wet room project needs. Put your trust in over 25 years of system security provided by our product range based on the Botament building board. Thanks to our longstanding expertise we are able to develop and manufacture a product portfolio that is always future-oriented and state-of-the-art.

Complete package for your wet room projects

Botament® Building Boards

The natural choice for wet spaces, as they are suitable for countless substructures, such as plaster, tiles, studding, paint and many more. Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, they open up a sheer limitless array of design possibilities.

Botament® Shower Trays

The reliable, cost effective and flexible way to create high performance showers and wetrooms. Absolutely waterproof, easy and quick to install, hence the ideal choice for bathroom renovations.

Botament® Concrete Look

This innovative, waterproof coating system totally transforms wetrooms. It’s ultra-easy to apply directly onto existing tiling, onto Botament® Building Boards, or onto many other substrates.

Botament® Accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories is available, providing planners, contractors and customers with optimally performing wetroom solutions.